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Andromeda Distribution Corporation is the distribution company established since 2011, Andromeda is an independent Company. Our focus is purely on distribution (selling to resellers only and cannot sell directly to end users). We have a separate office, a separate team, a separate finance, a separate profit and loss and separate mission to go to market. Our decision making process is also independent.


We know to be successful in distribution; we cannot sell directly to any end user. We treat “selling direct to end user” as a serious misconduct in this Company. On top of that, our mission is to earn trusts from a large pool of resellers by being fair to them, by helping them growing their business profitably and sustainably and by being a trustworthy, productive, reliable, and equal-opportunity bridge between them and the principals who are the product owners. We strongly believe in building a broad base of all resellers.


So far, we’ve been proud to have proven our words with some of our resellers and our principal partners.  Currently we’re the only official distributor of Barracuda, WatchGuard, Panduit, Extreme, ACTAtek, QNAP, EATON, Toshiba, Bizerba, Nikomax, Peplink, Sangfor, Pivot3, AKSA, Softing, Ekorack, Dallmeier, and Acunetix in Cambodia.


We will work with full integrity and trust with our partners and resellers to ensure fairness, professionalism and equal supports to all resellers at all times.






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